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Belle Gifts and Designs represents my passion for Home and Office décor products that offer unique items at affordable prices.


We all spend so much time daily at Home and Office locations... it is my belief it’s important to bring back a little bit of magic each day starting with our Ooh La Lamps. They use Aroma Crystal beads that provide your favorite fragrance and Ambience for any room, all year round.

Belle Gifts and Designs offers products in Home and Office decorating designs such as Fragrance, Ambience, Wall Art, Floral Design, Gift Baskets, and Accent Pieces.   Spring is here...Summer is just around the corner... we are excited to bring new Aroma scents such as... Beautiful Garden, Humidor and Volcano.

We are offering "No-Contact and Delivery service" and shipping services.
Call Janet Brown McNeil 214-684-4677 to place an order(s) 


No upcoming events at the moment
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